Personality Test:

01 :I find it easy to create stories.

02 :I take pleasure in writing down my thoughts.

03 :I find it easy to remember dates and mobile numbers.

04 :I can learn new math ideas easily.

05 :I love to play logical / mathematical games.

06 :I love the challenge of solving a difficult math problem.

07 : I enjoy singing and I sing well.

08 : I play a musical instrument (or would like to).

09 : Have strong passion for music.

10 : I am good at physical activities like sports or dancing.

11 : My best way to learn is by doing hands-on activities.

12 : I am good in Role-Playing, Drama.

13 :I enjoy being outside in all types of weather.

14 : I enjoy caring for pets and other animals.

15 : I enjoy studying about the earth and nature.

16 :I like spending time by myself.

17 : I learn best when I can talk over a new idea.

18 : I set my goals & plan for the future.

19 : I love painting, drawing, or designing on the computer.

20 : I enjoy art, photography, or doing craft projects.

21 : Charts, maps, and graphic organizers help me learn.

22 : I often help others without being asked.

23 :I have a wide circle of friends.

24 : My friends always come to me for emotional support & advice.

25 : I always self-motivated with own achievements.

26 :I enjoy group activities and tend to listen to others opinions.

27 : I am self-centered but finding difficulty in communication.

28 : I motivated through reading of famous biographies.

29 : I dislike routine job or work with predetermined answers and too many instructions.

30 : I enjoy questioning, which may often different from others.

31 : I like to do familiar work.

32 : I always motivated by philosophical ideas and objectives.

31 : I like to do familiar work.

32 : I always motivated by philosophical ideas and objectives.

33 : I like to write things down or take notes for visual review.

34 : I can understand a news article better by reading about it the newspaper than by listening to a report about it on the radio.

35 : I play with coins or keys in my pockets.

36 : I chew gum, munch snack while studying

37 : I can remember best by listening to a lecture.

38 : I learn to spell better by repeating words out loud, than by writing the words on paper.

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