IIM courses after 12- The Indian Institute of Management also known as IIMs is considered as the premier institution which offers management courses in India. Scattered all over the country, IIMs offer a variety of post-graduation management courses, many of which are amongst the most sought-after courses to pursue after graduation. Lately, many of them have started offering IIM courses after 12th as well. Students now have the option to pursue the Integrated Programme in Management - a five-year course meant for high school graduates with managerial and leadership aspirations.

Furthermore, at least one IIM college has also begun offering an integrated programme in Law. This is specifically for students that are looking for a five-year interdisciplinary programme in law from IIM after class 12. Depending on the IIM integrated course after 12th that one is pursuing, students may have the option to exit the course after the first three years and be awarded a bachelor’s degree.

IPM at IIM Indore

IIM courses after 12- Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Indore Being the first IIM integrated course after 12th, IIM Indore’s five-year IPM course is amongst the best management courses there are in India. This one of the IIM integrated courses after 12th is split into two parts. The initial three years lay down the foundation upon which the core disciplines of management are built, including humanities, psychology, economics, mathematics, statistics, sociology, political science, etc. Students have the option to exit the programme upon successful competition of the first half and be awarded a Bachelor of Business Management degree. Or, they could continue to the second part of the programme where the students are mixed with the students doing PGP (Post Graduate Programme in Management).

In these last two post-graduate years, the students are trained as managers and the successful completion of the same awards them the Masters of Business Administration degree. This of the IIM courses after 12th commerce offers a student exchange programme in the third or the fifth year, as well as a sabbatical option for select students for up to two years between year three and four of the programme. This differentiates IIM Indore’s IPM Programme from other such IIM courses after 12th. Because this IIM 5 year course after 12th has also been accredited by the Association of MBAs, London, it attracts young students with managerial aspirations that want a world-class education.


IIM courses after 12- Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Rohtak IIM Rohtak was the second IIM in India to offer an integrated programme in management. Because of such IIM courses after 12th, commerce students can get straight into IIM provided they are eligible and get through the intensive selection procedure.

This of the IIM integrated courses after 12th is a holistic programme that provides a deeper understanding of the world of business management and equips students with the necessary skills to function in the multifaceted world of business. The first three years of the programme will see students taking up a variety of foundational courses, from economics to psychology to business history, etc. At the PGP level (last two years of the programme), students will begin their specialization in the areas of marketing management, HRM & organizational behavior, finance and accounting, etc. A minimum CGPA of 5 is required for students to remain eligible to continue on with the last two years of the programme. Those that fail to meet this mark will be awarded a BBA degree and exit the program.

IPM at IIM Ranchi

IM courses after 12- Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Ranchi IIM Ranchi recently joined the ranks of IIMs offering integrated programmes for high school graduates. Students from all backgrounds can opt for such IIM courses after 12th, science students included. This programme is also five years long, providing a multidisciplinary foundation in the fields of social sciences, arts and humanities, and sciences. The focus, however, remains on developing managerial skills through a comprehensive study of management, marketing, data science, information systems, economics, etc. Additionally, a variety of life-skill courses ensure that students receive a holistic education that develops them professionally as well as socially.

IPM at IIM Jammu

IIM courses after 12- Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Jammu IIM Jammu is amongst the three IIMs that have recently started offering the Integrated Programme in Management. Thanks to this move, students from different backgrounds can take up IIM courses after 12th commerce as well as science. The program aims to equip students with the managerial skills and capabilities required in the world of business today. This is made possible with a unique blend of foundational and advanced management courses that integrates management education with the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

The multidisciplinary curriculum aims to develop the intellectual, social, moral, and physical aspects of an individual using a modern academic pedagogy and empower students to think critically and creatively and solve real-world problems in the ever-changing business environment.

IPM at IIM Bodhgaya

IIM courses after 12- Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) at IIM Bodhgaya Starting with the 2021 academic session, IIM Bodhgaya has begun a five-year integrated programme in management as well. This course is intended to instil in students a global perspective towards management practice and allow them to take on various managerial and leadership positions in both government and corporate organizations.

The early part of the programme provides a multidisciplinary foundation, while the last two years follow IIM Bodhgaya’s MBA course structure. This equips them with the skills and the technical know-how required for professionals managerial roles. Through such holistic IIM courses after 12th, commerce students, as well as students from other backgrounds get the necessary international immersion and experiential learning to build upon core business and management principles.