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Business Management


o    Organizing & Co-ordinating the business activities are management. These days management has become the heart of organizations and it has become mandatory for individuals to qualify the management programs to achieve growth & success in their career. For the same reasons, courses are available at Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Level.

o    This course gives a brief introduction to the critical management skills involved in planning, structuring, controlling and leading an organization. It provides a framework to help students understand managing and being managed. Thus, leading them to become a more effective contributor to organizations that they join. Students can develop a system view of organizations through examining organizations as part of a context. It aims to train the learners to diagnose and suggest the suitable solutions to various managerial and organizational cases.


Major Curriculum of the Course:

o    This programme enables students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in a range of business functions while setting them within the wider context of current business practice. i.e. Accounting, Finance, Operations and Information management, Human resource management, Introduction to marketing, Micro Economics, Organizational Behaviour, Business Law etc


o    Traditionally, students could specialise in either civil or criminal laws. However, this concept has changed and now students can opt to specialise in any of the various options offered like patent laws, corporate laws, etc. A degree in law not only lets you practice as a lawyer in the courts in the company but also opens up career options in sectors like corporate management, legal services and administrative services.


Career Prospects

Management Courses are much in demand in job market. Candidates can seek employment in Public, Private Sector both, can work in field of

o    Human Resource

o    Sales

o    Marketing

o    Research and development

o    Finance

o    International Business

o    Information Technologies, etc.


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