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Hospitality industry is calling the more professional to join this industry because this industry is covering the whole word its superiority in the business. We planned too about this industry from long time with analyzing of the future in Hotel Management in India and out abroad because this industry gives the more chances to make future worldwide and country wise also. In this field a hotel manger can join as a manager of hotel, motel, resorts etc. We put all the required quality in our qualified hotel manager so be ready to clasp the management task or might be called on the seat of general manager, and lead the big management group with different department sections like Hotel Management catering in this industry.

          A Field of Hotel management is all about making people happy and comfortable. In recent years, the term hospitality has become increasingly popular and may be interpreted in a number of ways whether it is commercial, industrial or public services.  This is a rewarding career that offers immense satisfaction and a good pay package.

          A cardinal part of hospitality industry, hotel management has wide employment opportunities. Moreover, with globalization gaining acceptance with more and more countries, the hotel management industry is truly becoming global. As hotel chain owners are opening new hotels in various big and small cities, requirement for trained hotel management professionals is huge. Although considered one of the most glamorous careers, hotel management requires professionals who can keep their cool even in the most challenging situations.

          Someone, in his book, states that hospitality may have four attributes, which must have a relationship between individuals who take the roles of host or guest, this relationship may be commercial or private (social), the keys to successful hospitality in both the commercial and private sector include knowledge of what would evoke pleasure in the guest and hospitality as a process that includes arrival, providing comfort and fulfillment of guests wishes, and departure. Thus, hospitality can be considered as a key to success in the tourism industry also.

          There are several components in the tourism industry, for example, food and beverages, lodging, place of attractions, and transportation. All these components are related to hospitality. Also all of the components are having connection to each other. Also there are some important components which comes into the category of Hospitality such as;

1. Itss creative.

As well as being a people-oriented industry, hospitality is creative. You are creating a product - be that food, drink, or an experience - and there's always scope to dream up new ways of making it more enjoyable for your customers. 

2. It opens a door to the world.

Every country in the world has a hospitality industry, and the skills you learn here are readily transferable, meaning that a career in hospitality can very easily be the key to discovering new countries, new culture and new people.

There are also various reasons why Hotel management will be good for your career there are as: 

Room for growth

Hotel managers also have a great room for growth. Not only can hotel front desk managers become general managers, but they can also work in different hotels within the hotel chain. This could lead to travel opportunities as well as room for advancement into an executive position. Career Overview lists management opportunities as general manager, resident manager, executive housekeeper, front office manager, assistant manager, and convention services manager.

Travel opportunity

Hotel managers that work for chain hotels have opportunities to travel to seminars related to work or to work in different chains overseas. Hotel managers wishing to move overseas may be given the opportunity to do so and still retain their job position at a new location.

Career Prospects

Hotel Management Courses are much in demand in job market. Candidates can seek employment in Public, Private Sector both, can work in field of

o    Aviation

o    Cruise ship management

o    Hospital administration and catering

o    Institutional and industrial catering

o    Restaurant management

o    Retail sectors

o    Accommodation manager

o    Catering manager

o    Event organizer

o    Fast food restaurant manager

o    Hotel manager

o    Public house manager

o    Restaurant manager

o    Tour & travel


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